Oluwayomi Akinfenwa

Oluwayomi Akinfenwa was awarded an MSc in Mathematical Sciences with Distinction in 2021 from the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Ghana, and a BSc in Statistics with First Class Honours in 2018 from the University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria. She started her PhD in 2021 at Hamilton Institute, Maynooth University, Ireland under the Science Foundation Ireland, Centre for Research Training in Foundations of Data Science under the supervision of Dr. Niamh Cahill and Dr. Catherine Hurley. She is passionate about applying statistics to health-related real-life problems.

Her research work aims to develop visualisations for Bayesian Hierarchical model components and parameters to aid model understanding and interpretation. Her interest is to visualise the modelling process and the structure of the hierarchical model. This research intends to contribute immensely to demographic and global health data modelling by helping researchers gain a deeper intuition of the model’s capabilities.

Niamh Cahill, PhD
Niamh Cahill, PhD
Assistant Professor, Statistics

My research interests include Bayesian Hierarcichal Modelling; Time Series Analysis; Climate Change; Family Planning