Shauna Mooney

Shauna is a PhD student in the Science Foundation Ireland Centre for Research Training in Foundations of Data Science programme. Shauna studied her undergraduate degree at Maynooth University, and graduated with first-class honours in B.Sc in Applied Maths in 2019. Immediately after this, she decided to continue her studies at Maynooth and undertook a Masters in Data Science and Analytics. Her Masters dissertation involved the analysis of NHS prescription data, focusing on the prescribing of contraceptives. Shauna’s PhD is focusing on data model development for biased data in the context of estimating population health indicators. She has been working on updating the family planning service statistics data model within the Family Planning Estimate Modelling framework. She is currently researching the use of service statistics to inform modern contraceptive prevalence estimates for all women of reproductive age.

Niamh Cahill, PhD
Niamh Cahill, PhD
Assistant Professor, Statistics

My research interests include Bayesian Hierarcichal Modelling; Time Series Analysis; Climate Change; Family Planning